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Why it is a Good Idea House Rental Websites if you Travel a Lot from your Home in Costa Rica

Some people are looking or recommendations regarding accommodations during a stay in Costa Rica, but many others have already purchased a place, travel a lot and need to contact one of the house rental websites; why is this? Maybe you are originally from Costa Rica and spend long periods abroad or you visited and fell in love with the place making you stay more permanently. […]

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Costa Rica Resorts vs. Home Rentals when you Travel with a Pet

Costa Rica Resorts are a dream come true if you seek to relax and have fun at the same time, be pampered and comfortable; however, if you are traveling with a pet, your best option is probably home rentals.  Many people look down on those traveling with pets, but many others also understand that a pet is nothing but another family member, so why leave them behind? […]

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Reasons Why it Is So Easy to Spend a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica

Spending a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica is a very easy task to plan. One of the main reasons for this is that Costa Rica’s private sector, as well as the government, are working side by side to preserve the resources that attract so many tourists and therefore enhance the country’s economy. For this reason, not only has the industry shown a significant growth, but the quality and efficiency of the services have also improved greatly. […]

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Costa Rica Rentals: The Solution for your Business Trip

Are you planning a business trip to Costa Rica? If this is case, you are in luck! Not only because you are going on a business trip to a paradise in the Central America, but because planning it will be very easy. Costa Rica rentals as accommodation services, food and transportation services are key factors that will allow you to get the job done with worrying about any of those things and have time to enjoy the wonders of this magical place. […]

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