3 Best Touristic course for Golf in Costa Rica

When we talk about relax, there’s no place in the world like Costa Rica. If you prefer to be on the beach, or learning about nature in one of the 26 national parks of the country and its natural reserves, Costa Rica is, literally, a tropical paradise. Also, there are excellent Golf fields in Costa Rica, where you could work on your backswing among some of the most amazing landscapes of the world. This makes us prepare you this article about the best fields for Golf in Costa Rica. […]

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How to find the best houses for rent in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a very singular country located in the center of the American continent. Compared to other countries, it is not that extensive (geographically speaking), but that doesn´t define it, as the best and most remarkable quality its people is proud of owning can be summarized in 3 words: All in one. Yes, it offer so many and varied natural beauties to tourists from all over the world, that most of them look to spend quality time here, so they look for nice houses for rent in Costa Rica to enjoy their staying. And Pexscr is here to help. […]

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Important things to consider after selecting a Vacation rental in Costa Rica

Whenever you are traveling, there are very import things to considerate in order to have the best of the experiences. If, for example, you are choosing a vacation Rental in Costa Rica as your next destination, you are probably thinking about the advantages and disadvantages of the place according to its location; besides of the cautions and touristic aspects of the region you will visit with your family, so the entertainment is guaranteed for all the people traveling with you. Costa Rica Rental Property.  […]

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Give yourself a treat by picking Luxury rentals in Costa Rica

The best luxury rentals in Costa Rica are located in the most privileged areas of this amazing Country. Either if you choose to rent a house in Costa Rica nearby its outstanding beaches; or if you choose to enjoy the fantastic views of the surrounding dreamy forests, Costa Rica welcomes you and your beloved ones and invites you all to enjoy the best experience of your life. […]

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